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Friday, November 02, 2007

Treats...No Tricks Required

Halloween was a wonderful, low key, fun day.

School was early release, so the kids were out of class by 12:35pm. Daddy was off from work as was Mommy. Connor and Dad carved the pumpkin (a wolf's head this year).

We had a great time getting all dressed up. Connor was himself...and awesome football player. Missy Kay Kay was a "butterfly". (Her costume was for a fairy, but she thought it was a butterfly, so a butterfly she was). Her costume even came with a matching outfit for her Barbie. Let me footnote that with a need for the dress manufacturers to include bloomers for the Barbie outfit. EEK!

We stopped by Grandma's house. She had a wonderful gift bag for each of us loaded with toys and candy. She had selected a Disney Princess Trick or Treat bucket for Mikayla which was an instant hit. Thanks, Mom! You still got it! :)

Our church was having a Fall Festival with hotdogs, cotton candy, booths, a bounce house, dunking tank, and super slide. The kids had a blast! Sorry, brother Kyle about both Spencer and Connor dunking you repeatedly during your time in the dunk tank. It was fun, safe, and no stress. Mikayla absolutely loved the Disney Princesses bounce house and the giant slide. Connor was a wonderful big brother and patiently took sissy on the slide. Thanks, Connor! She was laughing and squirming so much that the slide pictures are blurry, but the joy is unmistakeable!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Donuts with Daddy

Each fall at Mikayla's preschool, the teachers host Donuts with Daddy. This is a morning where Daddy and daughter spend a little time seeing what Mikayla gets to do at preschool. And, of course, there are donuts.

This morning was Daddy's date with his little princess. After donuts, they made a craft together. They made a lily pad with everyone at home listed. Daddy said no wonder he was so tired all the time. After looking at the lily pad, there were nine frogs on the pad: Mommy, Daddy, Kay Kay, Spencer, Connor, Beezer, Smuckers, Cooter, and (last but not least) Grandma.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Birthday Celebrations and Disney

As is our tradition, we trekked down to Disney to celebrate birthdays. Just a couple of years ago, we always went down to celebrate Spencer's birthday, but now, we celebrate Spencer and Mikayla's birthday. And we are thrilled to have it that way.

We enjoyed the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. We also enjoyed the Disney Marketplace and dinner at the ESPN Club on the Boardwalk.

I can hardly believe that Mikayla is 3 already....and Spencer is 16! He was just a little peanut when he was born. Now he has turned into a very handsome, kind young man. Time goes so fast....savor each moment as they do fly by.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kay Kay!

Mikayla turned 3 today! I can hardly believe how quickly the time has flown.

Mommy & Kay Kay had an all girl morning. No appointments, no school, and no errands to run. After dropping Spencer off at school, we were off to Panera for a mother/daughter breakfast. Mikayla adores Panera's egg souffle, so we had one of those and an iced coffee (also a favorite). Mikayla told the manager that it was her birthday, so the manager gave her a shortbread cookie on the house.
Next, it was off to the local Toys R Us store. She received her birthday crown and balloon. She also had to spend her little birthday coupon while we were there. Hey, Mom is a pushover, so she got a couple of more birthday goodies.
We finished off the morning with a trip to her favorite playground.

Since daddy had to work 12 hours on Wednesday, we decided to have a private birthday celebration for Mikayla on Monday. It was just the five of us and grandma. Mikayla had a great time opening her presents and really savoring her gifts rather than being pressured to open the next gift. She took her time with her presents. I must say I truly enjoyed watching her enjoy her goodies without the added pressure of hostessing a party.
Grandma gave Mikayla the most adorable Dora the Explorer Mermaid doll. Dora spins on her base and her skirt transforms into a mermaid tail. Grandma also got her the Dora the Explorer Mermaid dvd to go with it. Mikayla just played and played with Dora.

Mikayla also got her first official Barbie. I know, I know all about the self image issues, but what are you gonna do? Mikayla received the Island Princess Barbie and corresponding dvd. She has enjoyed putting her Barbie into the replica white mustang convertible that is just like Mommy's mustang. She zoom zooms all over with her Barbie.

Mrs. Carrie spoiled Mikayla with her Disney Princess portable coloring easel, an Elmo Water Baby, and the most adorable little shirt. She has just had a blast coloring and putting her pictures on the fridge with big brothers' game schedules.

And, a birthday wouldn't be complete without a dress up outfit. This year, Mikayla got a Cinderella outfit. Cinderella should have been as pretty as little Kay Kay. She has not taken off the dress up shoes yet. :)

After the presents, it was time for cake. Mikayla selected her Disney princess castle cake all by herself. The cake was beautiful and was just dream-come-true perfect for our little princess.
Mikayla blew out her candle like a pro.

I can hardly believe that she will be home from China two years in November. Mikayla just seems like she has always been here. In a way she has: She has been in our hearts much longer than two years. We are blessed to have this amazing little girl in our family! We love her dearly. I know 8000 miles away there is another Mommy that is missing this little joy. I pray that God will give Mikayla's birthmother the comfort that surpasses all understanding. May she know that her daughter is safe, loved, and cherished. I will hug Mikayla a little longer and more frequently today for her birthmother and birthfather in China. I know they would love to be hugging her in person today.

May you hug yours a little longer and frequently today as well. Our children truly are the joy of today and promise of tomorrow. How blessed and honored we are to have Mikayla, Connor, & Spencer. They certainly make the sunrises and sunsets a little more breathtaking.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Quick Catch Up

Mommy is a slacker! A massive slacker! I know that I have been EXTREMELY negligent in keeping the blog up to date. I apologize. Things around the Register house has been very, very crazed these last several months. Here is a recap:

Spencer has his learner's permit and is finding out that driving isn't as easy as it looks. He has also joined the ranks of the employed. He has his first job as a bag boy at, of course, Publix. He works at the same store as Huey. He is also finding out that it takes a very long time to earn the money and no time at all to spend it. Spencer is also playing soccer in the local recreational league and starts tryout for his high school next week.

On July 1st, Connor was baptized and is a Christian! We are so happy and thrilled for my amazing son! Connor is also playing football. He is a Defensive Tackle and kick off specialist for the Junior Cougars. The Cougars are currently undefeated and playing strong. And, as some of you can relate, the Cougars practice the same days and times as Spencer's soccer team all the way across town. What I wouldn't give for a Star Trek transporter unit these days....

Mikayla is adorable and growing well. She is a precious little girl who has started her second year at preschool. Her words are coming now so quickly that it makes my head spin. She still has a great sense of humor. She has to as the boys keep her on her toes and she does the same for them. No major progress on the potty yet. Patience is the key.....

In September, I started having some discomfort in my left foot from running. Being a true, gritty runner, I ignored it and continued to run until I work up one morning and both my left foot and right knee were badly swollen and painful. It seems that I have a neuroma (an inflamed, swollen nerve ending in my foot that affects runners) and strained my LCL in my right knee. These days I am sporting the dog ugliest boot on my left foot and brace on my right knee. Needless to say, the running days are done, and I am becoming a swimmer. It is a good thing the Fashion Police have not discovered me yet.

My mom has moved from New Mexico to Ocala as of August. Things have been busy securing her home (which is a little over 5 miles from us), painting it, remodeling her kitchen, buying new appliances, buying new furniture, getting her established with doctors and everyone else, and just getting her moved over 2000 miles. She needs to be closer to family and we will get to share more family holidays with her in person.

Hence, I am juggling 3 jobs, 3 schools, 2 sports, Mom's needs, the house, the cars, etc. No wonder I am so tired. I will try not to let so long lapse between posts, but that is no guarantee.
I know all of you are just as busy. I may not have posted in a while, but that doesn't mean each of you haven't been in my daily prayers.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Molly Update

Good news! Molly is home from the hospital. So far, so good....she seems to be responding to her meds. Praise God that Molly has wonderful, diligent, conscientious parents that will look after her carefully.

Molly appears to have the mildest form of Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) which is MCD (minimal change). Time will tell if she will be in remission or not. Reoccurence is a concern and a probability. However, Lolly & Ernie know what they are dealing with and what the signs will be. MCD does not usually result in kidney transplantation, so we will continue to pray for this to be the case for little Molly.

Father in Heaven, we offer all praise and glory to you for this little girl's response. Please continue to heal her according to your will. Please grant strength, faith, steadfastness, and clarity to Ernie & Lolly as they care for this precious little angel that you led them half way around the world to adopt into their family as you have adopted each of us into yours. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Prayers for Molly

It is a parent's worst fear, the one that shakes you to your very core and the one that you fervently hope with every ounce of strength and every mustard seed of faith that you never face. The fear: Someone or something will take your child from you.

For half of us the fear is for someone and for the other half the fear is something such as disease or malignancy. Either way, the feeling of helplessness and the witness of your child suffering is a pain too deep to illuminate and too wide to bridge. For one of our dear travelmates this fear is squarely standing at their doorstep.

Molly, the precious light that shines for Lolly and Ernie, has been hospitalized since Wednesday with what has been diagnosed as Nephrotic Syndrome. This is a disease that affects the kidney in varying degrees of severity. For now, Molly is being given protein, diuretics, and steroids in the hopes of placing the disease into remission.

After the pediatricians kept assuring Lolly that everything was fine and Molly just had allergies (not likely with third spacing), Lolly decided that she would do her own research. Mom discovered that Molly's symptoms correlated to this syndrome, and upon a return visit to the pediatrician, the diagnosis has been confirmed. Don't ever let a doctor override a mom's gut know your baby better than anyone. And so is the case here.

Please pray for this family, Molly, and the nephrologist and medical team caring for Molly. We are in a wait and see mode. If Molly responds to meds, the prognosis is good.

And for those of us who are whispering those prayers for Molly and at the same time pausing to thank our Father that we are not in those shoes, make sure to take the time to savor those little laughs, those little words of love, those little hands that hug and hold yours, and the little eyes that look to you for comfort, security, and acceptance. And...hug your babies a little longer than usual and take not one moment they are here for granted.

Lolly & Ernie: We love you more than anything! You were brought into our lives and we share a bond that only few are blessed to understand. We are but a phone call away 24/7/365. To little Molly: we offer you to our Father for healing and trust with absolute faith that He, the great physician, will heal. You are loved and adored. Mikayla blows you a kiss and so do we.